Monday, 16 September 2013

Adventures in Digital workflow

Hi peeps, it's a new week and with a new week a new installment of my blog, apologies for the gap between posts, but I am now back on the wagon after a break...

I previously alluded to the impending delivery of my work process savior, the CINTIQ 13 HD.
Let me tell ya, I'm excited!

Excited Dan
No that's not me with the Cintiq, this is the picture of me being excited when I won the anime DVD prize from! (cool guy follow him on twitter @geekofoz) and Hanabee! (@HanabeeOfficial on the twitters)

Anyway, this picture still reflects my excitement in crossing over to the digital frontier.

You totally just draw on the screen

Cintiq's have largely priced themselves out of the market for hobbyists purely because they are hella expensive, but the CINTIQ 13HD is around $1,100. Not too bad for an investment in productivity...

It takes some getting used to, it also take some time trying to figure out what the optimal pen size to use is because of the frequent zooming in and out that occurs.

I still find it easier to work with a blank piece of paper rather than a blank screen. OS i initially made an A5 booklet with my estimated page count to see if I would make the page count. 
I then thumbnailed the whole story in Manga Studio. This has saved me miles of paper as the failed layout can be covered up by a new layer.

I then got my trusty(?) editor @Andventures to edit my thumbnails in Manga Studio with the old school method of making adjustments in red.

Apparently my work needs to be a bit more Rob Liefeld-esque in the first panel, and a bit less Liefeld inspired in the second. If you can read it the top panel features a suggestion "more pouches" and also a preference for a huge gun instead of an apple. He has also kindly drawn an attempt a huge gun, or blunderbuss if you will. His other observations include "no room for a big gun" and "Liefeld WTF!"- clearly the latter comment somehow suggesting Liefeld considered the 180 degree rule less of a rule and more of a guide only. 

Even though this snippet of advice seems kinda silly, having an editor who doesn't hold back really helps get the best out of you, there's a reason @Andventures is CEO of Bolt comics (its because he has the CEO stamp...)

What I have found is that once you have got the layouts more or less sorted out,doing the pencils on paper seems to go a lot faster.

Til next week when I will discuss in a bit more detail my project, A Brigand's Tale.

Less talk, more comics!

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