Monday, 23 September 2013

Cheat week!

Hi Again,

Been a busy week, so I thought I would share something that really helped me realise that it does'nt matter how much life is on your plate, just getting it done is possible!

Michael is currently Kickstarting the book he talks about in the above link! to check it out go here:

So what excuses are you making for not getting stuff done?

I mean, I don't even know how to colour... and don't have the budget to pay for a colorist...
to get around this problem I'm drawing for black & white, attempting to maximise the high contrast images and shadows to express the world.

This is an example of attempting to convey some menace & mystery...hardly perfect but still worth the attempt....

I have heaps of other excuses, but I have set myself a deadline to complete the story and am still running on time, I am kind of itching to get stuck into some inkslinging but am restraining my self so I can scan my pencils before I go there (just in case I sling my ink to recklessly!!)

I am also planning on starting my CPA studies at the end of the year, but after seeing what Michael has done, I am certain I can still hit my targets.

Any out there got other great time saving tips or suggestions....

If you do please feel free to comment below...

Until next time, don't make excuses, make comics!

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